What is holy ground?

Exodus 3.1-15 – Can you name a place where God shows up?

In our story today God speaks to a man named Moses. God tells Moses that he has to take off his shoes. God tells Moses that the ground is holy, and he can’t walk on it with his shoes on…only his bare feet. Wherever God shows up, the place where God is present is holy ground. The ground is holy because God’s Holy Spirit is there.

There are only two places in the Bible where people were asked to take off their shoes because they were walking on holy ground. The first place was with Moses (Exodus 3.5), and the second place was when Joshua gets ready to fight the battle of Jericho and he met the Commander of the Lord’s Army (Joshua 5.15). In fact God even set apart a whole mountain as a holy place that no man or animal can touch. Nothing can touch the Mountain of God.

God teaches Moses that God’s presence brings holy fear. God teaches Moses to be humble, and Moses was quick to hide his face in the presence of his Holy God. God teaches Moses that when God’s Holy Presence is in a place that place is holy.

The ground was holy or sacred only because God is there. The lesson for us is to enter our church sanctuary as a place set apart for God’s holiness and for whole-hearted participation in worship.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that God is with us in church because we can’t see him or hear his voice or touch him or sit in his lap like we can see or hear or touch or be with our family. But God is with us… and his church is holy… and when we take off our shoes we can remember our holy God.


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