The Potter’s Hands

Children’s Moment

Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. – Isaiah 64.8 TNIV

The Lord says He wants us to be like clay in His hands. Think how a potter takes the clay into his hands. He works it. He rolls it. And, he shapes it according to his own imagination. The process is hard work. Have you ever worked with raw clay? It is very stiff at first. The clay doesn’t like to bend to your hand. You have to really work with it before you can even begin to shape it into something. The first step is breaking the clay down. Break off a chunk and start working your polymer clay. This clay is really stiff, and not easy to shape. It’s not like play dough or kids model clay. This kids model clay is easy to mold into something special.

You and I are like this clay. God wants to make us into something special, but God has to work with us so we aren’t so stiff. When we are the right softness, then God can shape us into his plan. Let’s all make something. You can make a square, a diamond, a heart, and a circle. How did they turn out? Not so great? Well, when we create things and mold things our work isn’t so good. But when God works and molds us, his work is perfect!

Now place your finger into your clay. Can you see your fingerprints in the dough? Did you know that every fingerprint is different? There are no two fingerprints the same in the whole wide world. Just remember that no matter how much God works with us to shape us into his plan, we will always be our self.

We don’t have to be afraid of God’s plan, because he will always respect our personhood! Just like Jesus came to this earth to take on the form of a tiny baby who would one day become a man. God didn’t change his fingerprints to make him something different. God’s son has always been God’s son, and he always will. God became a little baby, and that’s a mystery. But we can remember that no matter what God’s Son will always be God’s Son. And, no matter what you will always be you – a better you.


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